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"Most Canadian Photo, Ever." cbc.ca

Iconic Canadian Photo Goes Viral

A recent photo has captured the imagination of Canadians across our nation, has tickled the fancy of our neighbours to the south and has stamped the beauty of our country and its people in the minds of those even further away. The little story is that the Kaslo AfterBurners happened to have a heavy-shotted right winger, who also happened to be the helicopter pilot contracted to shuttle the crew and props to a rink on a lake in the Purcell Mountain Range. This rink had been the scene of some recent commercials. After the shoot was done, the ice went up for rent, so pilot Eric Mathews rounded up his 10 men to play. The big story is that Burner’s power forward Shaun Begg is also a Corporal in the local detachment. He thought it would be nice to get some photos of himself in his serge on a mountain top. Something for his office – or maybe for a Christmas card. The team said they didn’t mind. His boss said yes, so he packed the scarlet tunic, the “stripped Sam Browne” of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and brought it rinkside. The Burners in red played a super talented East Kootenay team in white. Both groups spent their 5 hours feeling like the luckiest kids in Canada. Everyone had a camera and the photo ops were unlimited. On their way down some photos were sent ahead to friends in Kaslo. One of those friends happened to work at Pennywise, and was eagerly awaiting photos. The next morning the above photo arrived from photographer Rick Wiltse. “Check this out” he said, and we knew this was the one. The photo was loaded on Facebook and pushed out into the world with #s and @s and shares and likes and comments and replies. It is so beautiful. So iconic – it had to be shared as far as it could be sent. At the same time Shaun had twittered a copy to his boss in Nelson, who retweeted it to the @bcRCMP twitter feed….well the bird never looked back. By the time these happy and weary players were home in Kaslo the photo had gone viral. There were 23,000 views on CTV and 500+ twitters and numerous retweets. By our press time CTV stats show 47,000 Facebook views, and 2000 + tweets and many more retweets. CTV asked “Is this the most Canadian picture ever?” and the buzz phrase caught on with citizens across the nation responding. Shaun keeps shaking his head in disbelief. “What was a most memorable day off has turned into so much more. I just wanted a picture for myself. I have now been interviewed by CTV, CBC Vancouver, Global, Vancouver Sun and ABC New York. Although I guess I got my Christmas card,” he chuckles, “and it is a keeper!”

You are probably wondering if Corporal Begg scored on this shot. Goalie Mike Guttensohn, the man in black, would have you know, “Hummm, well he might have. The guy just never gives up!!”


SBScored You also probably want to know who won the game. When asked, the players responded “We all won” and so they did. There have been numerous requests to purchase a copy of this photo. The photographer and his team have now decided that will be possible!

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Reprinted with permission from Pennywise

Kaslo Arena Condensers 38 Years+
Need replacing now!

Last year the ice plant start up was slow and tenuous due to a freon leak in the condenser lines… costing us a few extra thousand dollars, that we don’t have, to get up and running… We had equipment reassessed by our consultant from Creston, and have moved the project to the top of our priority list…

“The existing air cooled two circuit condensers valves, control valves, piping and filter driers servicing the ice making refrigeration equipment are over 30 years old and are well past serviceable life expectancy.”
Wendell Marshall, Strong Refrigeration Consultants

No condensers ~ no ice.

The Kaslo & District Arena Board have need of energized and knowledgable people in these areas…

•  Grant Writing
•  Fundraising Ideas & Organizing
•  or by Donating
(for tax receipt purposes it is best to donate to the Village – specify the arena as the beneficiary in
order to receive the tax credit)

This community built this arena, together we will keep it running. Thank you for your interest.

Want to own a copy of
The Most Canadian Photo, Ever?

Photographer Rick Wiltse has donated the Mountie and the Goalie photo to the Kaslo and District Arena Board to be used as a saleable item for fundraising purposes. The profit from the purchases will be donated to help Syrian Refugees entering Canada and the Kaslo & District Arena Association Condenser Fund. Thank you for contributing.

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